We provide Residential and Commercial delivery ,Installation and maintenance on any size Saltwater or Freshwater Aquariums, Ponds & Waterfalls.

The normal Labor rate is $65 an hour  for Maintenance or $85hr for Installation work with us supplying the needed supplies, if additional help is required the rate is $45 hr for each additional person and we are a fully insured and licensed business with over 17 years of experience. We also offer on sight Consultations for new Projects at $65hr and if its a new project we will credit that first visit back on the Installation.
Normal Tank Maintenance consists of

* Water Testing

* Water Change usually 10%-20%

* Basic Cleaning of Tank & Filtration

* A thorough inspection

Every tank is different so we do not have any set pricing for each tank size but normally after 1 or 2 visits we can set a standard maintenance fee per your request for service visits.

We also build Custom Live rock Wall backgrounds that can be installed on any size Aquarium and below is one of them after beinstalled in a 300 gallon Aquarium.

Even if you want to maintain your aquarium we can still lend a hand in the delivery and set up if needed.

Call today to setup a visit or get pricing 314 845-8686 or Sales@Gatewayaquatics.com

Thanks for your business