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The Retail Store officially opened in March 2006 but was temporarily ran out of my basement as some customers remember.   A full service retail store supplying Saltwater, Freshwater and Pond items. We also Deliver, Install and Maintain just about any type of  Residential or Commercial Aquarium, Pond, Waterfall,etc. With multiple weekly shipments and a great group of local customers you can see new stuff everytime you stop in.  We are primarily Reef Tank People when it comes to our choice of Saltwater Tank Setup and have around 20+ years combined experience but we can adapt and give you options to setup your aquarium in the direction you want to go. We have been there and done it so feel free to ask questions, its the best way to learn this amazing hobby!  As  hobbyists first and a business second we are always looking for the next amazing Tank Setup or Outdoor Water Feature so feel free to call or email us to talk more about your options. Let us turn our Passion into your new Hobby.  314 845-8686



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