Design, Install and Maintain

From building a beautiful saltwater living coral reef to recreating an amazing freshwater ecosystem at your home or business. We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial aquariums, ponds and waterfalls. We provide a variety of maintenance packages to work with almost any budget.


With over 50 years of combined expertise


Chad Smith


        Originally just an active hobbyist that transformed into a store owner, opening up Gateway Aquatics in March 2006. Chad leads the team in Designing and building all things Aquatics with 20+ years of hands on experience. From designing and installation of a 1000 gallon Saltwater Reef Aquarium to aquascaping planted freshwater tanks along with helping dig and build an assortment of ponds and waterfalls. Leading the team to make sure every job is a success! If you have a project for us. Chad works with Residential and commercial clients offering on site consulting to bring your project to reality.



Dave Schwantner


Dave is the Retail Store manager but does spend a lot of time on the road taking care of many amazing
aquariums you may see pictured. After years of doing this as a hobby, he decided he wanted to make it his career. Him and Chad met paths and the rest is history. Whether you see him on the road or in the store, Dave is sure to make you smile. 

Matthew Conklin

Lead Sales Associate

              Matt is an excellent problem solver well versed in Freshwater, Saltwater and Ponds. Have a question Google  doesn't have an answer to?... Matt would be happy to help.